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After twenty years’ dedication to Communication, a strong urge is felt to go back to the roots and to one of the purest forms of expression, Painting.

Rediscover the immense pleasure of drawing, colours, forms, shadows, paints, canvases, brushes and, time.

Now, the will is based on themes that reflect a lifetime and, especially, that pay tribute to those who contributed towards the understanding and subsequent valuing of Humanity.

He was born in Porto, in August 1969. Very early on, he was greatly fascinated by artistic expression, ranging from the thousands of sheets he would consume with lines and colours, the "Legos" with its endless constructions, photography with dad’s Olympus, up to the first "Mac" he had contact with and thereby opening up a new digital world.

Music would always be present, meaning the allowances were spent on vinyl, on concerts and he tries out the piano in two distinct stages of his life. But the visual arts would gain ground, having studied in the Soares dos Reis Decorative Arts School and receiving a degree in Visual Communication, in the field of Graphic Design, from ESAD.

Alongside his studies, he carries out professional activities connected with Photography, Technical and Architectural Drawing, Publicity and Graphic Design.


2016 is the year of returning to one of his favourite forms of expression, Painting. The themes that fulfil and mark his life are, now, reflected – Music and Philosophy. As tributes and, if in any way possible, they represent rewards for the pleasure of living, for the understanding and valuing of Humanity but, especially, for Creativity.


In 2017, is invited to participate in a collective exhibition at the Ap'Arte Galeria.

It is selected for the 2nd International Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Gaia. Exhibits the collection “For Love” at the Casa da Música in Porto.

Participates in exhibitions in the galleries Baganha, Mendo and Vera Lúcia.

In 2018, he held his first solo exhibition at Ap'Arte Galeria, presenting the For Love & Synesthesia collections.


In 2019 he is a guest speaker to present his artistic career at TEDx Matosinhos.

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