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Back to the exhibitions, with the collections “For Love” and "Synesthesia”, which will be exhibited at Galeria Ap'Arte, in Porto, on the iconic Rua Miguel Bombarda, from September 22 to November 3. Two displays that reveal the constant search for a language capable of sharing and externalizing ideas, that run through a flexible path of a world of experience, initiated in the author and extending to the observer who interprets and unveils them.

"For Love" is the motto of homage to ten composers, who through their music glorify the immense pleasure of living. Based on portraits, photographs or paintings of the time, the character traits, the facts of life and the work, as well as a quotation of their own, were annexed which sustain the way of listening, feeling and expressing them. This collection pays homage to those who, in an absolutely passionate way, dedicated their life to music.

"Synesthesia" has its origin in the Greek and means the conjugation of different sensorial planes. Music assumes itself as the most sublime, noble and creative form of human expression, capable of transmitting and sharing feelings, from anger to longing but, above all, from love to Love. This collection reflects the sensations and stimuli created by musical works, transformed into colors, shapes and light.

Ap'Arte Galeria Arte Contemporânea 
Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 221 
4050-381 Porto Portugal 

Opening hours: 

Tuesday from Saturday

11h00-13h00 | 15h00-20h00

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